Ad Hoc Tutorials

In this page are collected some use examples of the software tools listed at
this web page .



Kinematic analysis



Kinematic synthesis



Dynamics and Vibration


    •  Simple numerical integration of first-order ODE (Euler, Heun, Runge) Download
    •  Dynamic response of one dof spring-mass-damper system. The differential equation is of the following type
      $$m \ddot{x}+c \dot{x}+k x = F \sin \Omega t$$ . Program written in Python. Download
    • Dynamic response of single-degree-of-freedom using Duhamel integral. The Maxima package pw must be added first. Program written in MaximaDownload.Author:E. Pennestri’
    •  Shock Response Spectrum assuming half sine base acceleration. Program written in Python. Download.Author:E. Pennestri’
    •  Simple modal analysis. Decouple linear equations Program written in Python. Download.Author:E. Pennestri’
    •  Dynamic response analysis of two masses connected by springs.
      The differential equations have the following form:
      $$ \begin{array}{c}
      m_2 \ddot{x}_2 + k_2 \left( x_2 – x_1 \right)=F_2 \sin \Omega t \\
      m_1 \ddot{x}_1 – k_2 \left( x_2 – x_1 \right) + k_1 x_1 =0
      \end{array} $$
      Program written in MaximaDownload

Author:E. Pennestri’



Simulation of Mechanical Systems